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Scatter Run

1st September

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Our fund raising adventures began when I was very little and my family arranged a sponsored Trampoline Bounce at my grandads workshop. Loads of family and friends came along and took turns to keep the trampoline moving for 24 hours. We started at lunchtime on Saturday and didn't finish until Sunday lunchtime. I stayed at the workshop in my carrycot overnight and even got to go on the trampoline for a little bit. It was amazing with people turning up in the middle of the night to take part or to jolly us along when we were all really tired.


Next we had an auction with lots of lovely prizes donated from local businesses and even celebrities. Still not sure who the Batchelors or Joan Rivers are but grateful they donated anyway.


Since then we have had lots of little events going on. Granny and Grandad hold an Open Day at their garage every year when lots of classic cars are shown off. Mummy and daddy help with the BBQ and my great nanny, aunties and cousins make cakes and run a draw and tombola too. All the money raised is shared between me and a charity that has helped me and I am happy that we have been able to give some to charities like Brainwave, Dreamaway, Childrens Hospice South West and the Daisy Garland.


The fanastic Mark Gawthorne of Evolve Photography, did family portrait sessions on Budleigh Beach and donated the proceeds to us. Mark has to be the best Wedding Photographer in the South West (if not the world) and one of these days, I will smile for him when he takes my photo but I like to keep him waiting.


In 2016 Mummy held a great big fund day in Cullompton just for me. The nice people at Padbrook Park let us use their gardens and we had a classic car show, entertainment all day, fun fair rides, exotic animals, stalls, cakes, icecreams and even a man drawing people. Everyone was very kind in donating their time or some money from their shows or stalls and we put the money towards converting our back garden into a sensory space that I could access and play with my brothers.


We also took a trip to the Isle of Wight in 2016 to visit the lovely TVR owners camping weekend. It was there that they told mummy and granny that they were going to provide manpower and funding towards the garden to help us. We were very suprised but very happy too. They held a big auction to raise money to pay for things to go in the garden and the really clever ones made a water wall for me to touch and a special wheel chair for me to swing on.


In 2017 the wonderful management and staff of BCL Contractors donated time, machinery and materials to level the garden and give us a based to start from. It took several days with lots of big lorries, diggers, dumpers and a roller. My brothers were very excited.


Once daddy had sorted out the fence, the TVR owners travelled from all over the UK to help family and friends dig, put in raised beds, a pond,my swing, lots of lighting and plant lots of touchy feely stuff.  I now have a garden where my wheelchair can go around the paths, thorugh the arches and on the grass, I can see pretty art work, watch the lights, smell the lovely flowers and touch the water.


The lovely Leonie Rowe ran a half marathon earlier this year to fund a special bath chair for me. She worked really hard practising and I was there to cheer her on in Yeovil.


Other things we have tried this year are a quiz, courtesy of the lovely Hickory Inn Smokehouse at Halberton and a Scatter Run for the cars of TVRSSW. Both events were great fun and everyone had a good time. We currently have a draw running for a PS4 so check out my facebook page for how to enter.


We are now looking at new ways to raise money as my equipment is getting more expensive and our extremely generous family and friends have done so much to help us already. Instead we've gone global - check me out at gofund me or easyfundraising - details are on my donations page.


We have had lots of pledges towards the Innowalk but we have to raise the majority of the money before they will contribute. This needs to be done by August so the pressure is on so we don't loose these extra amounts which mean so much.








Fund Raising


The thing about having a disabled child is that, as they grow, their needs change and there are only so many things that can be funded. Most things are way in excess of a family budget and, when you want the best chances for your child, fund raising is the way to make more things happen.








Saturday 1st September 2018


Time to get those TVR's out on the roads to discover a little bit of Devon and Somerset countryside.


TVRSSW are holding a scatter run in aid of  Vranch House and Madeline Bell.


For those who havent tried this before, like a car treasure hunt, you are given a map, some clues and items to collect on your way round.


The difference with a scatter run is that, instead of a set route, you choose where you want to go. Clues have differing point values and those further away also attract higher point values too. Winning is all about planning and preparation.


Clues are likely to take you through breathtaking scenery, pretty villages, aeroplanes, castles and water ways with the odd pub or two to re-group and check your route as you go round.


Starting from TVRSSW in Wellington, (TA21 9ND) from 10am onwards and finishes back at TVRSSWW with a BBQ and social evening with classic cars.


Entry fee is £20 per car - Only limit to number in car is the car itself


Kids welcome



You will need to take photo's so bring a camera or phone with you. Sensible people will bring clip board and pens to help the navigator.


Please come along and support these two brilliant causes. Thanks