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Maddie B

Here is some equipment on my wishlist for fund-raising.

Thanks for looking.



The Innowalk

The Innowalk is a piece of equipment that supports me to learn to sit and to stand and when I am standing in it, it helps me to be able to learn to take steps. It's like a cross trainer in the sense that it exercises leg muscles and also helps with my head control. In it, I am fully supported so I feel safe and able to take steps myself and exercise my leg muscles which currently don't get any.

The Innowalk arrived at home in June and working really well. My circulation has already improved.

The more I use it, the stronger I will get and the more I will learn to use my legs.

Innowalk-Pro innowalk maddie eyegaze

and this is me having fun with the Eyegaze



The Eye Gaze


I nw  have my own eyegaze to enable me to be able to communicate back to people when they talk to me. I can understand the basic instructions and questions and I am learning to respond.

I am now raising for the arm to connect the eyegaze to my wheel chair so I can always have the eyegaze with me, I am learning different ways of communicating with people. Not to mention the cool games that I love playing !

I could take my Eyegaze to school with me and it would help with my learning too.


Pool Aid - £1,650


I love swimming and hydrotherapy but someone has to hold me all the time so I can't move my arms and legs as much as I'd like to. With this special floating aid I would have more freedom to move, my muscles would relax, I'd sleep better and that makes me much happier. It would be amazing to have a bit more independence to splash in the pool like my brothers do.

This is me on my Innowalk

flower swimming Tick white large Tick white large